At Night We Live

Posted: 05/26/2010 in Music

The band FAR,  from my hometown of Sacramento, CA, are set to release a new album, their first in over a decade. The title track of the new album is “At Night We Live,” which is a tune written by frontman Jonah Matranga after visiting Deftones bassist Chi Cheng in the hospital after his traumatic automobile accident in late 2008. Now this isn’t metal but this track is very powerful and actually brought me to tears knowing what it meant. It brought me back to the people I’ve lost, especially my son as I looked into his eyes as he was nearing the end of his time here on earth. The song evokes many emotions in me; obviously sadness, but also compassion and empathy, just wanting to take the suffering away. It is also a reminder of the Buddhist principle of impermanence.

Here is a video for the song someone made that is very powerful in it’s own right:

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