Big Pimpin’

Posted: 04/03/2011 in Uncategorized

Figuratively, not literally. This is just a quick post to alert all three of you that read ye olde Metal Buddha of a couple of new blogs to check out…pimp them out, if I may.

The first is a group blog I started writing for in addition to my own. It’s called Chaotic Nirvana and covers a wide range of topics including spirituality, relationships, poetry and much more. It’s candid and chaotic. Duh…WINNING.

The second is a brand new blog started by my friend/roommate Cameron called The Passive Habit. He is a talented writer who will cover topics such as religion, politics, etc., and is well-read and well-spoken. I know this because of the discussions we’ve had in our smoking lounge (aka the garage). Cameron has tiger blood and Adonis DNA so check it out.


Now where’s my money, bitches?!

\m/ Metal Buddha \m/

  1. Cameron says:

    Your money is in the bank account of a Nigerian prince. If you continue pimping my blog I shall retrieve these funds for you. But for serious, thanks, Dude.

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