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A couple months ago (ok, longer than that) I wrote a post about just saying “fuck it all” and not worrying so much about the bullshit in life regarding work, women, and wheels. Now, I will write about the irony of putting this into practice.

In that post, I pissed and moaned about work being slow and not sure if I wanted that as a career. I decided to value the fact that I even have a job and said “fuck it” to worrying about not enough work and it will get better. Well, it did. Though not an official promotion, there were some changes in my company as far as I am concerned and in a sense I got a raise and a promotion. I will just say it’s a great feeling when the owner of the company recognizes you as a valuable asset to the company.

I also whined in that post about my vehicle being broken down. It turned out to be a major fix (catalytic converter had to be replaced),  and I was able to get it fixed. So now I got my wheels back. *hella stoked*

Lastly, I bitched about feeling alone for the holidays. Well, about 2 weeks after writing that post, I met someone on a dating website. I finally found someone to spend the holidays with, and I tell you, it’s the most amazing feeling. She had already made plans to be out of town for NYE with her family, so I wasn’t able to kiss her at midnight, but it’s a great feeling when someone tells you “we will have next NYE.”  We’ve been seeing each other for almost 2 months and it’s great. She has the most amazing smile I’ve ever seen.

So yeah, I guess when it got to the point where I just said “fuck it all,” things just started falling into place.