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365 Days

Posted: 07/22/2011 in Buddhism, Inspiration, Practice, sangha, Social

A year ago today, I became part of a simple idea that has literally taken Buddhists all over the world by storm. A friend of mine from Twitter, @TheZenOutlaw, came up with an idea to send out a tweet whenever we were going to meditate. Other followers joined us in giving shout-outs. Then it blossomed into people all over the world joining together in meditation, all types of practices. I don’t have much to say other than I’m glad to be a part of something so cool.

Happy Birthday, Online Meditation Crew!


\m/ Meditate and Destroy! \m/



Posted: 07/26/2010 in sangha, Spiritual

The Sangha

I’m at the point in my practice of Buddhism where I have started to explore the sangha experience.  Until now, I have spent my time studying, contemplating and meditating. I’ve been an island. However, to keep the motivation to trudge the path, I realize some sort of community experience is needed. Twitter has helped greatly, as dharma teachings are present in even those 140 character blurbs by many of those I follow. Writing this blog has also helped, as I am able to put fingers to keyboard and explore my impressions along the path. Reading the many blogs in the Buddhist Blogospere is also a way to connect to others in practice. However, I do feel I need more.

I have done a bit of searching for an actual real-life sangha in my area, and other than the Lion’s Roar Dharma Center, I have not found much in the way of a group setting that can fit into my wacky schedule. I had the pleasure of attending a dharma talk by Choden Rinpoche this past weekend at Lion’s Roar, and that was a wonderful experience. I would love to attend some sort of retreat, and have researched the possibilities, and unfortunately it’s not in the cards right now due to work and family obligations, among the other “bullshit” I’m dealing with in my life, namely financial, but I digress.

Last week, my friend @ZenOutlaw came up with a wonderful idea of an online meditation group. It is the Online Meditation Crew and I would encourage anyone who is interested, no matter your tradition of study, to join the group and have some togetherness meditation, virtually. It is a great feeling to know that, in a way, I am participating in a sangha. There is accountability as well as the motivation to practice. For those of us that are not able to be a part of an actual sangha, this is the next best thing: a cyber-sangha. Check out the first post to see how the process goes, or if you are a Twitter user, add the crew members there for the call to meditate. It could be a scheduled meditation once or twice a day, or it could be a “stop. drop. meditate” sort of thing, where we stop what we’re doing and just sit.

You may say that it isn’t the same as a traditional sangha due to the fact that there is no dharma discussion. But if you check out the website, you will find that each post has a comment area where crew members can detail their impressions from the meditation, and I anticipate the potential for some very deep dharma discussion to happen in this cyber-sangha. Of course it isn’t the same, but I believe it is an optimal supplement to the traditional sangha experience.

Until I find an actual sangha that I am able to participate in, I will use these tools to expand my understanding of the dharma and to keep my feet on the path. I welcome any comments, whether it be constructive criticism or your own experience with this issue.

With metal metta! \m/

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